Power Drive for Golfers


The Mental Side Of Golf

The mental side of golf is most often neglected by golfers, especially golfers with high handicaps, and this applies to ladies golf as well. They spend all their energy on improving their swing. They take golf lessons, go to golf school, and practice for hours on end. They get rid of that annoying slice or hook and they start hitting the ball straighter and longer, but their scores don't match up to the improvements in their swing, they still struggle to break 80 or even 90 and their handicaps don't improve as a result.

The swing is important, in fact all the mechanics are crucial to playing golf well, but without the right mental approach, hitting the ball farther, straighter and more consistently isn't everything. There are three distinct parts to playing golf, the mechanics is one of them, your equipment is another, but the third one, the one that is given the least attention is the golf course itself, and to play the course you need to employ strategy.

Getting the strategy right is a major part of the mental side of golf, and can make a bigger difference to your score than your skill level with your clubs. An older and wiser golfer can out play a younger, more athletic and better striker of the ball, by using a better mental approach to the game.

Most of it comes down to how much you can gain or lose by choosing a particular shot, knowing when to play conservatively or when to take chances, playing the golf game aggressively is very rarely the best approach, it may get rid of some frustration but you will find that playing the percentage shot will most often be the correct choice and result in lower scores overall. Going for it, when the risks outweigh the benefits, will cost you strokes.

Knowing your own capabilities is also crucial, for instance, if you are faced with a drive on a narrow fairway, use a three wood if you are more consistent with it than your driver (as most golfers are), keep your driver for the wider fairways. An aggressive 5 iron or an easy 4 iron? Take the easy four iron every time. Knowing when to lay up in front of a hazard or try and carry it is best decided by the risk factors, if the risk outweighs the benefit then you will be better off laying up.

Remember your golf irons, especially if you are not a big hitter, say you have a 450yd hole to play, why not consider using a seven iron, if you hit 150yds consistently and accurately with a seven iron then 3 shots puts you on the green without having to worry about hazards. The point is that you don't have to be a big hitter to produce good results, you can even leave your driver in the golf bag and still have a good round.

The mental side of golf is about using your head and thinking your way round the course. Knowing the course your playing helps a lot, but even if it's the first time you are playing it you can can make things a lot easier for yourself by using your head more. You really need to get your perfect plan for practice and play and get a working strategy that will teach you the mental side of golf.