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Golf, In Little Slices

This article, Golf, In Little Slices, is all about curing your bad habit of slicing your golf shot. You have probably tried all the conventional cures with out success, which brings you here. Don't feel too bad, I've tried them all as well, so have nearly 80% of golfers, apparently, that's the amount of golfers in the world that have a slice problem. So, time to try a different method to fix this problem.

None of your golf equipment, ie golf clubs, golf shoes, gloves,etc. are to blame for this peculiar trait that most golfers exhibit, nor is your stance, grip, or swing, you can't even blame the course or lie of the ball. It turns out that it's all your fault, you bring this about yourself, you do it by concentrating on your fault, the slice.

Just to prove to yourself that the fault isn't in your stance, try taking a really gentle swing at a golf ball by first lining up square to the target, then, the same gentle swing but this time, instead of lining up square to the target, open your stance and take a shot at the same target, lastly try the same thing with a closed stance. Chances are good that the three golf balls will not be too far apart, and they will probably have been pretty straight as well.

The biggest cause of a slice by far, is over hitting the ball. The harder we try to hit the golf ball, the less control we have of any part of our swing, and, as we all know, every swing we take should be controlled.

That's not the only reason though, there are quite a few others that can cause a slice, getting into the impact zone with the face of the club in an open position is the real fault for producing a slice and this can happen for a myriad of reasons. One of them is your body leading your hands in the downswing, a too upright back swing can do this as well, so also can breaking your wrists incorrectly (your wrists should hinge at the thumb NOT at the back of your hand, shake hands with someone, that's the way your wrists should hinge.)

However, our minds are very good at taking all our faults and automatically adjusting to give us our desired outcome. Take balance as an example, we all manage to walk, run and jump differently from each other, but we still manage to remain balanced because our subconscious evens out all our different faults and succeeds in giving us what we intend, even if we are all doing it in a different way.

Well... the same is just as true in all areas of our life, including golf. What our subconscious thinks we desire is what it will try and achieve.

Our little bit of grey matter, at least the bit that controls our reactions, breathing, heart rate, etc. can't tell the difference between what we want and what we are trying to prevent, it can;t even tell the difference between reality and dreams. Whatever we concentrate on or make really important (or fear) is what our subconscious thinks we want, a self-fulfilling prophecy as it were.

By worrying about producing a slice, we are reinforcing the desire in our subconscious to produce exactly that result. So no matter what we do to solve the problem, our brains readjust us to make sure that we don;t solve it. I'm sure that you.ve tried playing to your slice and aiming far to the left and still not getting the ball where you want it, it may even end up in much the same place if you hadn't bothered playing for your slice.

The remedy...well, don't focus on having a slice, never dwell on it. Easier said than done, but that is what we have to do, try and forget about it altogether, and if you do have a slice, then just shrug your shoulders and concentrate on the next shot. A few practicalities can be undertaken to fool your mind. Put your teepeg as far right on the tee as you can (when facing the flag) and line up to place your shot on the right hand side of the fairway, play for a slight draw on the ball, by imagining the ball flight,. This will let your subconscious know that you are no longer afraid of the slice. Positive affirmations also work wonders in controlling what your subconscious does. Just before you take your back swing, try saying "everyday, in every way, I'm hitting the ball straighter and straighter!" No need to laugh... there is documentary evidence that some people have been cured of different diseases by reciting "every day, in every way, I get better and better!" The important thing here is that when you recite it to yourself, believe it, really believe what your are saying.

Don't expect instant miracles, It may happen, but more likely, it will happen gradually over a few games, however, you should see some improvemnt immediately, how much depends on you. At least, your slice should be nowhere near as bad as it was.

Good luck with it, and remember, golf is supposed to fun!

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