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This site is about enjoying golf as much as it is about improving. Having a bit of fun while we enjoy this complicated game.

I suppose you all watched the 2008 Masters Open at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, and in particular, the great Tiger Woods taking second place. A tremendous comeback, especially when he started with such a lackluster performance. So how did he achieve this comeback?

In my opinion, it was his putting that let him down the most. Even with that he still managed to climb back to the second spot.

The biggest difference between amateur and professional golfers, is their mental attitude. They can overcome various faults in their game by concentrating on the parts of their game that are working.

Tiger Woods is not the most accurate of golfers. What sets him apart is his ability to recover from the wayward shots. We, generally, fail in this area by dwelling on, and worrying about, the things in our game that are not going so well. We build them up in our heads to the extent that they are the dominant thoughts that we have.

Now we are getting to the real core of this site. If you read my cure for the slice, you will have seen that I hinted at it there. Minimizing the bits that are wrong or faulty and maximizing the good parts creates a much better mental attitude.

This does not apply just to golf, it applies to all sports. Indeed, it applies to all areas of our lives. I don't mean that we should just ignore things, taking some form of action will also tend to lessen the worry about any particular problem, but we should never let it become dominant.

For instance, we have hit hard times with people chasing us for money that we don't have. If we talk to them and come to some arrangement, the problem will immediately be lessened. That leaves us free to concentrate on what is working right. Problems have a habit of working themselves out when our attitudes are positive, happy and less worried. Our minds are more free to ponder different and more diverse solutions.

By all means, take action when it is necessary, but don't dwell on the problem, instead, dwell on the good parts. The rest will fall into place, especially in golf.

Remember also, that Tiger Woods probably has a swing coach, a mental coach and a fitness coach. He probably spends six to eight hours most days working on some aspect of his game. How many coaches do you have? How much time do spend on your swing?

He still gets problems.

Why, then, do you beat yourself up when you have a bad shot?

Let it go, enjoy the next shot instead!

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