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'Power Drive for Golfers', maybe not the best title for this site. Problems in golf are rarely limited to the 'drive', the slice (the most common fault in golf), hitting fat shots, chips that scurried across the green, total lack of distance, even worse, total inconsistency in distance and direction. It took me a long time to get to grips with hitting that wee ball correctly, and new golfers are no different.

Every time I took a lesson or read yet another article or book, I had to change my swing and concentrate on so many things during taking a swing that it just all became impossible.

There is something like 2 seconds from when you start the backswing to when you hit the ball. Not much time to think of all the things the pros tell you to concentrate on.

Let me see now, place the teepeg and ball on the tee, walk back and pick up your driver, stand some distance behind the ball in a straight line with the ball and the flag. Then go through some complicated set up routine (to help you blot out the effect of all the spectators, etc.), pick out the spot you want the ball to land on, visualise the shot and it's trajectory, waggle the club a few times to loosen up, get your grip right... and that's before you even start to swing.

Too much for me I'm afraid, and that was only the half of it. Each new coach or each new article told me something different to do.

Do you seriously think the pros do this every time they have a tee shot? What about all the rest of the shots, from the fairway, pitch shots, chip shots, bump and runs, uphill, downhill, and of course putting. We're not machines, nor are we simple computers, we have to rely on different things than all this routine and memory perfect set ups, and more than that... It's supposed to be fun!

That is what this site is supposed to be about... FUN, and a fun way of conquering the problems that arise in the normal game of golf.

So, why not Hit The Fairways Your Way?

All of the methods I give in this website may seem a bit odd or quirky at best, but they do actually work and still remain within the FUN part of golf. They will work with almost any kind of swing you have (presuming that you can actually hit the ball), and don't require tremendous memory abilities.

The one thing you do require above all else (and is assumed from here on) is balance. If you don't have balance, you will never be able to play golf well.

I hope you enjoy the site, it is young and growing. More will be added as time permits and if you sign up for the occassional newsletter, I'll let you know when updates are completed.

For now... please enjoy.

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